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Long time no see, I know! But now I’m back, at least in this post I will write a little bit about my current life situation. Life kept me busy, I had days where I nearly didn’t sleep at all and days (like yesterday) where I (over-)slept the entire day which ended in waking up and wondering whether it’s the middle of the night or already dark again. Took me 20 minutes to figure out in which time zone I’m in and why it was dark again. Confusing days. And now I’m finally sitting at my desk again, typing some words into the file of blogger. Surprising thing, I “upgraded” my work hours to 20 hours a week now, so all I’m doing is working, sleeping, studying (a little bit) and working on a stable social life. It’s sooo weird, like you have met your closest friends almost every day at school for four years and then you just go seperate ways and you have to make almost kind of “appointments” with your friends because you won’t meet them “by coincidence” at school anymore. So I have the feeling my social life is pretty much non-existent, because even though I try to see my friends at least once a month, it feels like a way too short span of time every time we meet. And then you’re sitting there, all like “Well what’s relevant enough to talk about now, we’ve only got like – two hours?!” So you’re trying to fit all the personal and gossip news into a two-hours-long-coffee-session, while you’re deeply missing the times where you could just be randomly babbling about “the not so exciting and all exciting”-news during lessons. I keep talking more and more about old times on the blog and I feel sorry to keep you always in the past with my posts, but my daily/regular life moves so unbelievable fast forward that I can’t even keep up by writing relevant and current stuff on the blog. I haven’t stopped taking photos by the way, still doing shootings from time to time. Here is a picture of my dear friend Kristin, another wonderful human being that I see and talk to waaaay to seldom.

Hope you’re all good, sending you warm greetings!

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  1. Christine December 18, 2017

    Ich fand das anfangs auch sehr seltsam. Da sieht man diese Leute echt jeden Tag und auf einmal muss man das wirklich planen… Schon verrückt darüber nachzudenken. 😉


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